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This has been a helluva year. I’ll leave the COVID anecdotes and the economic “analysis” to the pundits and the storytellers, and I’ll just say that on behalf of the entire team here at Energized Realty Group, we want you to STAY safe a...

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Thanksgiving Real Estate Reality Check

As we enter the holiday season, our first amid a pandemic, I am reminded of what a crazy November this has been. Our local Real Estate market and our team members' and clients' lives have inevitably been altered in some way by this experience.

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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day. What so many of us, myself included, once thought of as a demarcation of the end of summer, takes on new meaning after a pandemic. Amidst so much social and economic unrest, the upcoming holiday prompted me to look deeper into the or...

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What does real estate have to do with Football?

This week marks one month since Phase 2 began in Queens, allowing real estate professionals to reopen for business after a three-month pandemic shutdown. The fact is, I have found it challenging to find the time to provide you with an update on...

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WHAT IS really going on?

Homebuyers are calling again, and some are ready to move forward with their purchasing goals. Of course, some conjecture about how much prices will come down as a result of NYC's (soon to loosen) shutdown and the slumbering economy. Although th...

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CREAMPUFF, CLUNKER, or something in-between?

During this challenging time, it's reasonable to put off interior repairs, perhaps indefinitely. But exterior improvements, that's another story. Of course, financial considerations notwithstanding, this might be a perfect time to consider spru...

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Last week we had a Zoom meeting. I spoke to my colleagues about how we need to have a 3R approach as we both forge ahead for ourselves, our buyers, sellers, and B team( lawyers, inspectors, bankers, etc.), while being patient with ourselves and...

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