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25th Annual Community Ice Cream Event – Save the Date

JUDY MARKOWITZ with holding ice cream and balloons

Many of my friends and colleagues tell me, “Judy, just write a blog weekly, write something, anything. It will boost your SEO; it will get you out there with prospects, etc.”Here’s my take- If it’s been written before, explained ad-infinitum, if it’s information (or misinformation) that’s easy to find anywhere, I don’t want to be yet another marketer wasting your time. I will only write a blog that is relevant, hopefully to both of us. That is why this blog is about our 25th Annual Community Ice Cream Event. This year we are holding it at the end of the FIRST week of the reopening of public school, on Friday, September 17th, with a rain date of Saturday, September 18th.

The decision to postpone the Ice Cream Event to September, instead of keeping with our 25-year tradition of holding it on the last day of school, was a difficult call. With so many kids, especially those below the age of 12, not yet vaccinated, it seems like the wise way to go. I miss our role in bringing people together, but we just thought today is too soon to bring over 2,000 neighbors together. Most credible reports indicate that the Covid vaccine will likely be available to children ages 2-11 by early September 2021. While not everyone will have their children vaccinated, the percentage of New Yorkers who will be vaccinated by then, along with our collaborated efforts to distribute FREE ICE CREAM CONES safely in an outdoor environment, gives us confidence that we will, once again, celebrate our community publicly, and that means YOU. Please join us on September 17th (rain date September 18th).

To all of the students, graduates, and parents who successfully navigated the unconventional and challenging reality that this pandemic forced upon us, WE MADE IT. We can now all take a deep sigh of relief and hope for the start of a full year of normal school attendance for kids!

Our upcoming September Ice Cream Event will not only serve as an extended summer celebration but, more importantly, as a milestone marker for all of your hard work. We hope that our commitment to scheduling this Community Ice Cream Event just a little later will be our best, most organized, and yes, FUNNEST event ever!

And while I am truly pensive today, the last Thursday of the school year, the day our event would traditionally be held, I am equally excited to see you all in September for our back-to-school celebration.