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This past Friday marked the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the OX. This past week also marked my 59th birthday, and during this week, I reflected on all the times I have discussed the Chinese belief system of Feng Shui with my clients, whenever we discuss how to help make their homes most appealing to buyers in order to have me maximize their home’s value. I have also marveled at how frequently I have used my limited knowledge of Feng Shui in my own life or sought a specialist to help me feel more confident in my personal and business endeavors. Here are just a few examples, and I really mean it when I say that although 23andMe confirms that I have not an ounce of Chinese DNA in me, I have turned to the wisdom of the East in times of importance with results that are worth considering. Here are just a few:

  1. In 1997, when my then-husband and business partner decided to open a boutique real estate office, I consulted a Feng Shui specialist to analyze my office’s location and layout. The Feng Shiu master guided me on the buildout and helped me create a harmonious environment conducive to peace and tranquility while assisting the flow of “wealth” and productivity.
  2. When my husband and I purchased our first primary residence in North Flushing, a beloved home that we still own today, I also hired a Feng Shui master. This time the wise woman, named Mrs. Chen, advised me about a huge tree, the number #44 in the address, and a side entrance that my limited knowledge of Feng Shui caused me concern. She gave my home a blessing and some small pointers for sun exposure to help the “chi” or energy flow. While my concerns were limited to just the exterior elements of my new home, I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and encouragement to purchase the home I raised our little girl, now 22, in and built a life of joy and fun.
  3. At a difficult time in my life, I turned to a Feng Shui master to guide me through some very difficult decisions concerning almost every part of my life. The Feng, Shui Fortune teller, was renowned in New York, spoke no English ( I mean ZERO), but with the help of a trusted Chinese friend to translate, this master provided me with almost 3 hours of advice, revelation, and guidance. In the end, I made my own choice, but I have returned to the taped advice she gave me many times over the years to help me find more suggestions to achieve lifelong health, peace, and prosperity.

The principles of Feng Shui have helped me in my personal and my business life. I have compiled some of Feng Shui’s teachings in this spirit as they pertain to real property. As I tell my team regularly, nothing works all the time, but everything works sometimes. So if you are interested in how people who believe in Feng Shui view some of the most common precepts of homes, locations, and real estate, I hope you will enjoy my next blog, Feng Shui Real Estate Principles. The guide I compiled for you is my complimentary gift to you, with the warmest wishes for the auspicious year of the OX!

SHEI SHEI (Thank you in Mandarin!)