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  • Electric Pole:You cannot have an electric pole in front of the house. If it is a wooden pole and is somewhat distant, then there is no problem. If it is a short distance away, you have to buy a gold chain to lock in the wooden pole and put water inside a vase in front of the house entrance. If it is a metal, electrical pole with the light on, this is not good at all. It means negative energy, and nothing will run smoothly.
  • Tree: If there is a tree in front of your home’s main entrance, it will block money from coming into your house (a small tree is ok). If your house has two trees on the left and right sides of the house, this stands for protection. It will protect your family from everything negative. If the tree in front of the house is on the left side, it is a good sign.
  • Garage Driveway: If the house across the street has a driveway facing your main entrance door, this means it will kill your energy. Put two pine trees or potted plants in front of your house. If the pine trees or plants die, it means that your neighbor’s energy is more potent than yours. Keep buying trees/plants until they no longer die, and then your energy will be stronger than your neighbors.
  • Open Road: When the house faces an open road, you must put a copper lion (male on the left and female on the right) when looking at the home from the inside, or put a lot of pine trees or potted plants in front of the house, close to the main entrance. Doing this will block unlucky energy from entering the home.
  • Bad Energy: If across the street from your home is a police station, church, or fire station, it will have negative energy. However, if a medical professional like a nurse, or a policeman or firefighter live inside the home, the bad energy will not be a problem.
  • Angle: If a house has many different angles, like a Cape or Colonial, for example, with one side next to the other side that is not adjacent, it will face a lot of pressure and affect the family’s health. For example: If the house has no East angle, it will affect the oldest son. If the house has no southeast angle, it will affect the oldest daughter. If the house has no southwest angle, it will affect the female head of household. If the house has no northwest angle, it will affect the male head of household.
  • Entrance: From inside the house looking out, the main entrance door should be on the left or middle sides. This set up is best. If the staircase inside the house is on the left side, this is good energy for any males living in the home. If the staircase is on the right side, then this is good energy for any females residing in the house.
  • Location: If the house is near the highway or a busy street, this house’s money will never stay or prosper, and whoever lives there will always be feeling sick.
  • Feng Shui Fountain: The backyard water fountain can only be in two corners, and the water must flow in the direction of the house. Do not let the water flow in any other direction. The fountain must also never be in front of the house, which will mean losing a lot of money.
    Hydrant— If there is a fire hydrant in front of the house, one may face financial difficulty. Water flowing to the outside is bad.
  • Stop Sign: If there is a stop sign in front of your house, this means that money and fortune will stay inside your home.
    Fish Tank-You should only place a fish tank on the home’s North or East sides.
  • Clock: For good health, do not put many clocks in the house, especially not by the entrance on the left side.
  • Appliances: The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher must not be put right next to each other. If they are next to each other, it is said that the male head of household will have a mistress, which is not good for married couples.
  • Garage: If the garage is underneath the house, there is a hole dug inside the home, and the house will lose money. To remedy, put red carpet in the basement and nine coins in each corner of the basement for prosperity.
  • The Height of the House: If the house across the street is taller than yours, do not buy this house. You cannot change the height of the house, and it is overall bad energy for everything.
  • Feng Shui Mirror: Do not hang a mirror outside the front door. If there is another Chinese household across the street, placing a mirror here will kill all of their energy, good and bad. If they put a mirror on their door and the reflection points in your direction, it will do the same.
  • Lion: If you bought a lion to put outside your house, the house across the street would have a lot of sickness and death. You can only put a lion in the front of your home if it is facing an open road, police station, hospital, church, or fire department.
  • Chimney Cap: If there are any windows inside your house that allow you to see the chimney cap of the house across the street from you, then you will have a lot of lawsuits.