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About Judy

Judy Markowitz

English, Hungarian

Judy is a first-generation American, born to Hungarian immigrants in 1962. As an apartment girl growing up in Lefrak City, Queens, later moving to Flushing, then Connecticut, and back to Flushing again at the age of 22, Judy never lived in a house, or even visited one until she started selling them in 1987. She spent her first five years in real estate reading, learning, and trying every creative sales idea, or new marketing strategy that she could find, with just one belief in mind: Do what others won’t, and you will achieve what others can’t.

Her goal was always to become “world-famous in a small town,” and provide options for the family she did not yet have, but always dreamed of. By 1993, she had gained a name for herself as the Energized Realtor, and in 1997 she opened up her own boutique company. That same year, Judy bought a home, got married, and had a baby on the way.

Over the decades, Judy’s business and brand have thrived, despite some personal setbacks. In 2012, Judy and her husband dissolved their marriage, but decided to continue their business partnership, while each of them maintaining separate personal lives. That decision may be one of Judy’s wisest because it has had a profound and positive impact on Judy’s ability to successfully counsel her clients as they make one of life’s most important decisions.

Judy has a keen eye for seeing the big picture in every aspect of her business and personal life. Because of her unique experiences, Judy specializes in the most stressful real estate situations. These include selling estates and trusts and navigating capital gains considerations, time constraints, divorces, and family disputes, fairly and equitably for everyone involved. Her reputation and organized business practices have kept her consistently ranked among the top 3 New York City outer borough Real Estate Brokers and have given her the honor of being among Queens County’s court-appointed Realtors. In this role, Judy can give back through pro bono work for court-appointed clients who are experiencing financial hardship.

But there is something more important than real estate. Judy is proudest of her daughter Jolie, who modeled the Energized Realty Group’s brand for over 20 years and is the first in her family to graduate college. This accomplishment is one that Judy’s parents, who survived the Holocaust almost a century ago, could never have imagined. Because of her love for Jolie and her passion for the business that has given her so much, Judy continues to mentor new agents, and she remains as energized and committed to her clients as she was on the day she began her career, over 33 years ago.

Judy Markowitz