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Meet Our Team

The Energized Realty Group reflects Judy’s business culture and life values: work hard, be fair, earn your income commensurate with the value you bring to others, and do good. “Energized” accurately describes how she accomplishes her mission. When Judy started her lifelong career over 33 years ago, her vision was to become a highly respected and sought after realtor, who avoided the cutthroat practices of the industry. Today, Judy’s face is recognized in Northeast Queens, New York with over 30,000 homeowners, as the area’s longest-standing leading realtor. She spreads her mission by coaching and mentoring young, eager individuals with a similar work ethic to her own, helping them achieve their personal dreams, in an industry that has given Judy so much.  

When the Energized Realty Group tells you it’s not just their business, it’s their neighborhood, they mean it. You must live here, know the streets, schools, areas of recreation, and the overall vibe of the communities you serve to work here. This small group of highly trained professionals walks the talk. The tenure of Judy’s team members averages ten years. That tells our clients and customers that we are a cohesive, synchronized, happy group, working together in our client’s best interests. . Our competitors, the big box real estate stores, the virtual real estate offices, the “ME, ME, ME” brands, all foster an environment of non-cooperation and quick deal-making, often to the detriment of those they are supposed to be working for. At the Energized Realty Group, we regularly ask ourselves, “What is the best thing we can do to serve our client?” We believe that this singular commitment, along with our energy, enthusiasm, and over three decades of Judy’s experience selling Northeast Queens homes, sets us apart, has earned us unmatched respect and has given us an outstanding reputation.