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What’s Judy Been Up To?

Last March marked a significant shift in my career path. I decided to reshape my real estate practice, closing my office and leasing out my building to an unaffiliated entity, embarking on a new personal and professional journey.


As fate would have it, many of you reached out for guidance on your own prospective home sales or to refer someone who you thought could benefit from the kind of service and results I am known for. Your trust has deeply touched my heart and led me to ponder: What unique value can I continue to offer?


This is whereThe Energized Realtor’s Real Estate Advisory comes into play.


This service, tailored specifically for my VVIPs, past clients, and their friends and relatives, allows you to ask questions and seek my advice on the real estate market, contemplate your property plans, or discuss your specific situations.


If you’re interested in learning:


  • The right way to choose an agent


  • How to position and market a home


  • The best way to maximize and actualize your profits


I am here to share my knowledge with you, all without any cost.


We can have these conversations in person or over the phone, by appointment, and I’m even available to visit your home to provide a realistic assessment. The best part? Since I’m not in this to list or sell homes, you’re assured of receiving unbiased, honest advice.


After a 39-year career, some might wonder why I remain so connected to this community and to you. The answer is simple: Real estate in Northeast Queens has been my ONLY career since I was 23! Over the years, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of this business, from the truths and half-truths agents say to secure a listing to the optimal use of your commission dollars for maximum profit. I’ve learned what really matters when preparing a home for sale, the best times to sell depending on various factors, and so much more.


My goal is to share these insights with you. If I can enhance the real estate experience for even a small fraction of the clients who’ve become raving fans of the Energized Realty Group over the years, I’ll be rewarded with a wealth of goodwill. This aligns with my lifelong ambition to be ‘world-famous in a small town‘ and to have a business that was truly worth having.


Whether you’re thinking of moving, know someone who is, or just want to talk about real estate, please feel free to reach out. I am here to assist, free of charge, as your trusted advisor and friend in real estate.