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Save the Date – It’s our Spring Cleaning Event!

Judy Markowitz, Queens, NY RealtorBefore I begin this blog, I invite you to start gathering your unwanted and old documents to be securely and professionally shredded by Shred It. While you’re at it, make room in your cupboards by preparing to donate any extra canned goods and nonperishables to City Harvest, as we all do our part to help end hunger in NYC.

OurAnnual Spring Cleaning Event is almost here, specially curated to benefit our community – and that means you, your friends and neighbors. This event will take place on Saturday, April 2nd, from 11-2 PM at the Energized Realty Group, located at 27-04 Francis Lewis Boulevard in Flushing. We will have extra hands on deck to assist you in carrying up to 3 file boxes of documents and any canned goods you wish to donate. 

Onto the blog…

Many of you have already experienced my brand, business, and core beliefs. Some of you have also visited my office, where you have read our mission statement, which serves as the foundation of our business model:

Our mission is to listen and respond to every client and customer’s needs, providing solutions in a highly energized and hassle-free manner to exceed their expectations. Simply put, we don’t just have satisfied customers; we create raving fans!

What you might not know is how I developed the Energized Realty Group. In 1993, just five years after I began my career, I sat down at my desk, took out a piece of paper and a pen, and started to write down exactly how I wanted my real estate career to look. I vividly imagined every detail, from the team’s composition, to who my ideal client and customers would be. Most importantly, though, I focused on what I could bring to the community I served, and these became my guiding principles.

On every business decision I make, from the way I plan my marketing, to how I train my team, the time and patience I dedicate to my clients, and the way I negotiate a challenging sale, I always return to these principles. If the decision I am faced with honors my vision, or doesn’t have the potential to harm it, then it’s a go; if not, it’s a no.

There are many “yes’s,” and in an industry that tests your conscience, there are also plenty of “no’s.” So many agents and neighboring business operators ask me why, in a market saturated with third-party referral companies and discount real estate vendors, why I am still committed to giving back to my community as a way of remaining front and center? It’s an easy answer –the best companies have one thing in common: While many things change around them, their vision remains constant. From the inception of a company’s core values and throughout the organization’s tenure, marketing methods and technology evolve, people learn and grow, colleagues leave, and new ones are welcomed, but these principles always remain intact. 

Like many others, I have had to stay flexible, but not at the expense of why I went into business in the first place; to work hard, have fun, make money, and do good.

This event, like our Ice Cream Event, FREE Moving Truck(don’t forget, it’s here for you too),Blood Drives, and giveaways, are all action items of that mission, one that was created with a clear vision all those years ago- To be a highly respected, sought after realtor; to build a company in which the people we work with are interested in the experience they have with us, they value our service, and they want to win with us…it continues, but you get the gist.

I wrote these business paradigms in 1993, five years after I began my real estate career. Today, I hope you can see one small way my team and I are honoring them.

So please join us on Saturday, April 2nd, as we welcome Spring together at ourAnnual Spring Cleaning Event!