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Last week we had a Zoom meeting. I spoke to my colleagues about how we need to have a 3R approach as we both forge ahead for ourselves, our buyers, sellers, and B team( lawyers, inspectors, bankers, etc.), while being patient with ourselves and the current situation. This past Sunday, Governor Cuomo talked about reimagining our way of life here in NY. The Energized Realty Group is now moving from recovery to reimagining the new pillars of our business. Safety, expanded technology, more collaboration with clients and other agents, that’s all part of it.
We now have a practical system for re-starting selling homes. Some buyers and sellers want to resume their goals of moving. We are here to help, not cavalierly, with silly slogans like, “if you can choose your spouse virtually, you can buy your home virtually.” Instead, with respect and practicality. And it is getting done. If you want to know how we are doing it, just call or email me, I’ll be happy to outline it clearly. I also have spoken to homeowners who want to talk to me about the value of their homes. I can help with that as well, in many cases, without physically coming to see your home if you are currently living there. After all, I’ve been selling Queens properties for 33 years, and have seen so many interiors that I can generally give you an idea of what to expect without needing to meet face to face at this sensitive time. And I can explain how just give me a call.

We must all go through the 3R’s. RECOVER. RESPOND. REIMAGINE. And we are. We hope you are too, and if we all do, we will enjoy a 4th “R”- RE-EMERGE – better, stronger, and even more effective.